thisCLICKS spins-out App Data Room into standalone startup


AppDataRoomSt. Paul-based thisCLICKS has officially released App Data Room into the wild under guidance of CEO Orrin Broberg.

The history dates back to a time when thisCLICKS was pursuing a variety of software development products, one of which involved a project with digital marketing agency Meditech Communications.

While App Data Room showed early promise as a mobile sales tool, thisCLICKS CEO Chad Halvorson was faced with a dilemma of competing interests.  As he focused more on growing When I Work — which went on to see $4m in VC — App Data Room took a backseat.

“The product had established some substance but wasn’t ready to be sold,” explains Broberg, who was with thisCLICKS doing business development at the time.  “We had some code and early customers, but no company or infrastructure.”

He saw the potential to raise an orphan and take a gamble on the future , one that has paid off so far. Now with seven full time employees, Broberg has steered the venture into profitability, scoring larger customers such as Caterpillar, AT&T Mobility and Graco.

“Information is changing so often it’s an ideal tool for a sales force to keep up and close. More sales,” He says, “That’s what we help companies do.”

“I knew there was something there…and to think this is a company that almost went away.”


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