Video: Startup Weekend EDU Twin Cities final pitches


twinCities_v03There’s been five Startup Weekends in the Twin Cities to date, but the latest EDU marks the first themed experience here yet.

This 54 hour hackathon event bring together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, the business-minded, and really, anyone who wants to learn the process of startups by doing startups.

SWEDU was locally organized by Steve Wellvang, an education technology attorney with Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly and education technology consultant Kristin Daniels, with assistance from Chris Nyren, Justin Moen and Seijen Takamura.

By the numbers — There were approximately 75 attendees, evenly split between teachers, developers and non-technical participants. There were 20 volunteer mentors and five judging the Sunday night final pitches.

“This is an extremely unique event and it’s indicative of both the strength and potential of edutech in Minnesota,” said Wellvang, who first discovered Startup Weekend EDU as an attendee himself while in NYC.

As his chief collaborator, former teacher Kristin Daniels jumped on the chance to experiment with something new and different.

“Teachers rarely have the chance to interact with such talented people outside the education field, particularly with such a multi-dimentional technology focus. This group committed their time, energy and intellect to make the education landscape better and it was amazing,” she says.

DocentEDU won first place over all, while second place went to Cyclo6, a game to teach organic chemistry; tied for third place was parent/teacher conference app LoopEDUin & book tracking and recommendation service called iREAD. Below are recorded pitches from all either of the SWEDU teams:

DocentEDU – Learning Content Management System

Cyclo6 – organic chemistry game

LoopEDUin – parent/teacher conference app

CommuniTech.CO – educator crowdfunding platform

SkillSlice – skillsharing platform & hiring service

GameIT- a gamification layering service

XpertLink – discover experts in the classroom

iREAD – a book tracking and recommendation for students, teachers and parents