This tech services firm is getting into products


Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.10.26 AMIt all started with a very specific request: a company that rents pontoons on Lake Minnetonka came to Todd Amlee looking to add an online rental component to its business.

Surprisingly, few solutions existed to meet such a need.

Amlee, who is the owner of local marketing agency Hartwell Marc, teamed up with longtime friend Brad Linger to launch Interactive Supply Company, which operates out of Roseville.  Their cloud-based rental management platform, RentAll Cloud, is the new company’s first featured offering.

“What we found that this could be great and there’s really going to be a demand for it as technology increases and phone numbers go away,” Amlee says.

The web application is mobile-friendly on both the front-end and back-end sides. Customers can access it to easily identify availability, order hourly rentals and purchase related products and upgrades; companies can use it to track inventory, manage reservations and view real-time reporting.

Amlee says that RentAll includes all the features of a full content management system, and some clients are using it in that robust manner. He calls the tool a Rental Management System (RMS), adding that they’ve basically created a new niche.

The challenge, as with many tech-based innovations, is trying to break through barriers in an industry that is set in its ways.

“The older generation is used to the paper process,” says Amlee. “We feel like every rental company will need this at some point, especially as technology is getting more and more social.”

“Right now we’re trying to educate the market.”

RentAll launched in 2013 and has already been serving industries not originally identified as potential markets.  Amlee says that ISC has been in discussions with franchises that could adopt the software across numerous locations. The cost involves a one-time setup fee with a transaction percentage fee based on the level of support needed by the client.

“Building and marketing products is a different beast than services, but we’re learning a lot and foresee more to come down the road.”


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