Mayo partners with Apple on Healthkit to ‘revolutionize industry’


Apple-MayoAs Apple’s WWDC captivates the hearts and minds of the tech world today, “Healthkit” was unveiled for iOS 8.  In short, the aim is to be that one place for gathering all the health information that apps and wearables generate.

According to those sources following along, Apple’s anticipated healthcare foray includes select launch partners such as Rochester-based Mayo Clinic.

It’s not immediately clear what the degree of partnership is or what the depth of integration will be, but re/code’s Lauren Good paraphrased Apple SVP Craig Federighi citing one example: “…when a patient takes a blood pressure reading and records it with the iPhone, HealthKit would automatically notify the Mayo Clinic app and that app would know whether the patient’s reading is within normal parameters. If not, it would alert healthcare professionals.”

In this tweet from Mashable’s Jim Roberts, Apple has gone so far as to quote Mayo Clinic CEO John Noseworthy, saying “Healthkit will revolutionize how the healthcare industry interacts with people.”