Inside Apple and the Mayo Clinic’s new partnership



By Neal Ungerleider, Fast Company

“This fall, Apple is set to release a new Health app for the iPhone and a new health care API for developers, HealthKit, designed to integrate data from Fitbits, Jawbone Ups, FuelBands and other fitness tracking devices. Health and HealthKit are part of a partnership, over two years in the making, with the prestigious Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic, which serves 1,165,000 patients every year.

The new Health app and related API were created with the assistance of medical IT giant Epic Systems. It’s an audacious attempt to put iPhones front and center in the growing quantified self health movement–one in which Apple’s archrival Samsung is also trying to compete.”

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  • jlenker

    An array of new bio sensors are emerging to allow people to, from home, measure everything from blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, body temperature, etc. and then link them to Apple’s healthbook. Combined with Telemedicine services like Teladoc by CADR+, this will revolutionize how we as consumer eek medical consultation with doctors. By 2018, 4 out 0f 5 trips to the doctor will be replace by live video chats. This will save families an average of $1,500 and 30 hours per year.