Where to catch Google I/O in Minnesota

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 1.13.47 PMIf you’re like most Minnesotans, chances are you won’t be in San Francisco this week for I/O 2014.

Where’s the next best place to get together with those who share your your curiosity and passion for tech? There’s at least three live streaming meetup gatherings for those in the Twin Cities area who want their feed their fix:

AgostoAgosto (Downtown Mpls): “Celebrate in style at the Ford Center in downtown Minneapolis for a live viewing of the I/O 2014 Keynote, webcast sessions and live reports! We’ll serve lunch, offer beverages and giveaways (t-shirts and more!), have prize drawings (Chromecasts, Google gear) and more! Feel free to participate in tech talks by preparing a few minutes (10 or fewer) on Google-based or related projects. Everyone is welcome to share.”


COCOCoCo (Uptown Mpls): “We’re live streaming I/O Extended in the CoCo Uptown Theater! All day Wednesday & Thursday! In addition to Google’s I/O Extended, we’re serving up lunch and snacks to keep your mind fueled throughout the day. Explore the themes of design, develop and distribute during Google’s annual technology conference, as Google shares new product ideas and interactive experiences.”


Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 1.39.39 PMThe Nerdery (Bloomington): “Google’s annual developer conference will be live-streamed at The Nerdery’s Bloomington HQ, an official host of the June 25 Google I/O Extended viewing party, held in partnership with GDG-TC (Google Developers Group of the Twin Cities). More than just a remote viewing party, Google I/O Extended at The Nerdery will feature locally-generated content streamed from the Nerditorium between Google 1/O sessions streamed from San Francisco, including a keynote and other talks/sessions.”


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