Duluth coworking space Co.Lab is moving out of DeWitt Seitz

Duluth coworking space Co.Lab is moving out of the DeWitt Seitz building located in historic Canal Park as of July 31st.

“Co.Lab will no longer be operating in the space where it all started,” reads an email from Co.founder Martin Sawinski.

“We were unable to renew our lease for the space we have occupied for the past two years due to the landlord’s desire to utilize the space.”

He explains that Co.Lab will be taking a break to figure out where their next home will be.  “We have been actively investigating alternate locations that will support the existing membership and provide opportunity for our burgeoning community.”

The venue opened in July of 2012 and counts around 40 members representing about dozen companies.  More than half are technology oriented, including Sawinski’s own 3Five with eight; it’s also where the Twin Ports Web Pros Monthly Meetup has been hosted, among a number of other events.

“The upside of needing to find a new space is the ability to relocate into a space that is larger and provide more opportunity for growth. We were getting cramped in the space we have been in. This change brings new and exciting options to the table.”