Daily deals startup Buzzcut is gaining local ground


BuzzcutMinneapolis mobile startup Buzzcut has emerged from beta — launching this summer and acquiring 65 restaurants/bars + 650 users for their daily deals iOS app.

Buzzcut’s business platform enables food and beverage establishments to create precisely timed and very specific offers that drive traffic “when they most need it,” co-founder & president Joseph Taralson explains.

BuzzcutThe service connects users with enticing offers from nearby restaurants and bars through a ‘swipe-for-more’ style application, similar to that of Tinder, as Taralson puts it.  “It’s built to be the absolute simplest to use deals app on the market.”

Buzzcut is currently focused on the Minneapolis-St. Paul market, with longer term plans to expand into other cities after some critical mass, the release on Android and revenue generation.  It’s offered free for restaurants and bars through September 1st — at which point, paid features will roll out.