Mike Hodnick live coding sounds at Bitcoin Bash

by Admin

Local software developer and musician Mike Hodnick will be live coding sounds at the Bitcoin Bash downtown CoCo on August 4th.

Hodnick, also known as the moniker kindohm, appeared in a Know this Nerd feature where he shared a passion for technology and musical improvisation. Since then, he has performed locally at the Bedlam Theatre (below) and JavaScriptMN meeting recorded at DevJam.

“There is no turn-key audio software used to create the music. It’s a text editor and raw code. Second, because of the projected screen, live coding embraces transparency and allows the audience to gain access to the performer’s tools, and arguably their thought process as well (but I think that’s a stretch). Last, live coding allows for functional and algorithmic programming to be used to create sound. As a result, live coded music often has an algorithmic feel to it (or sometimes a chaotic feel, depending on what the performer feels like doing).”