Sports tech startup row27 rebrands as FanMaker


FanMakerMinneapolis client service firm row27 has rebranded as FanMaker, a namesake of the company’s original SaaS product.

Cofounded by Jonathan Dusing and Jason Cole in 2007, FanMaker came in 2009 and provides business intelligence solution for sports teams.  The product ties ticket, apparel and concession sales into social media presence for brands to narrow in on fan loyalty promotions. Part of the suite also includes auctions, crowdfunding and photo sharing tools.

Cole suggests that the name change correlates to an expansion into other markets, namely, music and arts.

“When we tipped the scales from services to SaaS,” we knew it was time to change. “Last year over 60% of our revenue came from product sales.”

row27 Creative, which will continue to exist, has amassed 200 clients in five countries and FanMaker is nearing 100 customers.  All in, the company has a full time headcount of 20, not counting ad hoc creative employees.

FanMaker has yet to raise outside capital, but “is looking into series A options.”


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