Minnesota cryptocurrency startup Coindera launches


coindera1Minnesota fintech startup Coindera has launched a Bitcoin & alternative crypto monitoring and alert system for over 100 virtual currencies.

The service pulls in 24 hour exchange data from multiple sources and applies trader functions — such as price points, volume, moving averages — to push out completely custom email, SMS, iOS and Android notifications as it happens.

“I thought…there has to be a better means for people to monitor pricing information,” Founder, CEO and Bitcoin investor Adam Evers explains, “So I launched a test pilot which went really well and led to more.”

Coindera was first unveiled at the North American Bitcoin Conference Chicago two weeks ago, with minimum viable product now live. Evers says Coindera has acquired both freemium and paying users.

Evers initially partnered up with Wayne Vaughan around the turn of the year on the venture and it’s clear that Coindera ultimately has much bigger ambitions than just alerts.

“Our vision is be very robust, to build Coindera into a means of managing online currency and finances. The market isn’t exactly there yet but we wanted to start with some immediate value and build a brand off that.”


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