Canopy raises $150k & founding CEO is out

CanopyMinneapolis mobile startup Canopy has raised $150k in a mix of equity and debt, says a a recent SEC filing.

Canopy’s Sensus product involves embedding variable pressure touch sensors inside a mobile phone case, making it “app enhancing” for developers and the consumers who use them.

Founded in early 2012 by Andrew Kamin-Lyndgaard, Canopy has been fundraising off and on over the years in pursuit of an ambitious entry in a large yet challenging marketplace involving software, hardware and SDK/community apps.

Canopy achieved press, developer and investor attention around Sensus, but since their presence at CES last January, the venture has been noticeably quiet about its status across all channels.  Multiple sources have confirmed that Kamin-Lyndgaard has since left the company, although it’s not clear who has replaced him.

A request for more information about the change in leadership, funding, and status of Canopy was not returned (as of yet).


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