Emerging startup GroveStreams brings data analytics to IoT


GroveStreamsMaple Grove startup GroveStreams is the latest ‘Internet of Things’ player to emerge from Minnesota.

The company has created a streaming IoT data platform that accepts information from a large amount of sources and sensors to create custom dashboards which can be visualized, analyzed, and shared to drive smarter decision making.

Years in the making, the boostrapped venture went to market about a year ago and has since acquired “hundreds of users” ranging from Fortune 500 companies, large Universities, small engineering firms, and advanced hardware hobbyists from around the world.

“GroveStreams is as shoestring as you can get,” says founder Mike Mills.  “Over the past year, we’ve received a lot of interest in our product and we’re anticipating that people will begin building their own applications on top of our platform using the SDK.”


As a SaaS product, customers are charged per usage, specifically based off the number of  ‘streams’ and transactions, or pings to the platform.

“I always wanted to start my own company,” Mills explains, discussing his previous role with IBM focused on next generation business intelligence programs and experience in the utility industry.

Mills isn’t shy about his ambitions for GroveStreams: “We want to create the number one analytics solution for the Internet of Things.”  To that extent, the nascent entrepreneur is considering raising a first round of angel financing now that the revenue is flowing.