Candor: Bjorn Stansvik [part 2]


Candor: the quality of being open and honest in expression; frankness.

Following news of Taylor Corporation acquiring MentorMate, we sat down with founding CEO Bjorn Stansvik to hear more about the past, present and future. [Part 1]

“Coming from Sweden I thought a lot of Americans were direct…so I was expecting a lot of directness.  In Minnesota that’s not always the case, maybe more Swedish than I thought in that way.

I learned listen to the money…you know it’s nice to get praise and I appreciate it like every other human being…but you can’t pay the bills with praise and so I learned that the hard way early on — that you gotta charge.  It’s ok if they say no, but that’s ok, because then you get clarity. Clarity is what allows you to spend your finite energies in the most efficient way.

A no can be good, but a maybe that you don’t know about can have you wasting cycles. So just getting to a no or yes quicker and knowing how to read those signals was a takeaway.”


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