Andas wins the Minnesota Cup LifeScience & HealthIT division


Minneapolis stealthy startup Andas is crowned the champion in the Life Science & Health IT division of this year’s Minnesota Cup competition.

Readers may recognize Andas as a spinout from the University of Minnesota, licensed as a biomarker sensor system.

The venture has expanded vision beyond the initial breathalyzer angle, co founder Joe Jensen explains.

“We aren’t a one trick pony by any means,” he says. “Research is revealing how our breath can be a fingerprint as to what’s happening inside our bodies. We ultimately hope to create a breath diagnostics platform.”

With the win, Andas tacks on $30k in seed capital to their previously raised ~$200k.  In going up against other division winners such as Elevate and 75F on September 10th, they have a chance to capture another $50k.

“The Minnesota Cup has proven to be a tremendous opportunity to tighten our plan while expanding our network…We’ll see you at the finals!”


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