Collaborative consumption? Try collaborative ownership with Divvy

9nBlJ_Dx_400x400Minneapolis startup Divvy is young, progressive and audaciously ambitious.

Their to-be-released platform is pushing the notion of collaborative consumption to the next level though peer to peer shared ownership.

“The sharing economy once stood for one-off experiences,” CEO Daniel Hobbs says, as though the AirBnB and Lyft’s of the world were already archaic.

“We are empowering a shift toward long-term shared experiences. Say for example you want to drive a Porsche, but can’t afford it. Buy it with three other people through Divvy and we’ll streamline the process of procurement, transaction and management.”

He cites stats of $422 billion in American auto spending this year and $351 billion in the recreational equipment/vehicle industry. And if that’s not enough, he says that Divvy will go well beyond automotive into other areas such as real estate, marine, and similar big ticket items.

Seed funded with $500k earlier this summer, a trio of coders have been implementing the vision with a beta product release scheduled for this fall with a soft launch in Q1 2015 in select cities.

“Leprechauns follow gold to the end of the rainbow,” Hobbs concludes.


  • Pete Kane

    Divvy is a rare startup for Minneapolis. They’re bringing a lot of new energy to the startup scene here :)

  • Holly Jade Chan

    I agree, Pete. This is a great idea. Great job to Dan Hobbs and the team. Can’t wait to see what comes of it.
    – Holly ( )