Wahooly’s wild ride comes to an end


WahoolyRemember Wahooly? How about Chasm.io?

It was a whirlwind of ups and downs for tech entrepreneur Dana Severson, launching three years ago with fresh energy and big fanfare, only to have it fizzle out in the end.

The premise was to help new ventures gain exposure and raise money via founders’ social credibility.  Dubbed ‘Klout meets Kickstarter’, the crowdfunding experiment landed them in an Austin San Francisco accelerator followed by $750k – $1m in angel backing.

While fundraising and PR can be signs of validation and potential, it’s never the same as success in the sense of sustainability and prosperity.

“It’s been underway for quite some time,” Severson says, pointing back to an anonymous post he claims from January, “We’re Shutting down and I’m Scared.” In a final move, Severson blasted 26,000 members yesterday with an ask for ideas:

“Together, I believe that the sky is the limit. So, that’s why I’m starting this discussion. What can we do together on Wahooly? Do you want to take it over? Do you think Wahooly should become a user-owned company? What should the product become? I want to hear what you think.”

“We’ve moved on,” he says in a follow-up interview. “The assets are there and there’s still value in it somewhere.  This is my unconventional approach to adapting.  I’ve already received over 100 responses and who knows where Wahooly goes?”

Anything is possible in the realm of tech these days, at the least, there’s bound to be a buyer somewhere for that database. As to what’s next, Severson’s Startups Anonymous is “going strong”, he says, and his new Stick in a Box beef jerky delivery business is just rolling out.