Siteimprove is Surging in Minnesota

SiteimproveWeb governance SaaS firm Siteimprove is surging in Minnesota.

Headquartered in Denmark, the eleven year old company provides a robust suite for webmasters to find broken links or typos, optimize SEO and accessibility, monitor downtime and overall manage QA.

“Anyone with a public facing website containing content needs this,” VP of Marketing Roger Fuhrman says, describing the correlation between the market need and employee growth.

Siteimprove had seven employees in Bloomington just three years ago, grew to 16, then 38, and now stands at 50.  “We want to hire another 15-20 in the next four to six months,” Fuhrman continues, explaining how the Minnesota office acts as the sales arm of the company while Europe remains focused on development.

“Growth has its own unique challenges, but culture prevails,” he concludes.



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    I do believe that you meant “typos”.