MN’s own US Bank is on board with Apple Pay, starting this fall



Via News Release

“MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–U.S. Bank today announces its integration with Apple Pay, providing customers an easy, secure and private way to pay using their U.S. Bank consumer credit and debit cards right from iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. By integrating Apple designed hardware, software and services, Apple Pay creates a unique and incredibly intuitive experience that will be available to U.S. Bank customers later this fall.”

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  • colinlee

    This is great news for consumers as well as for application developers. NFC has many uses besides simple payments. Many of these uses remained mostly unexplored because too many consumers did not have NFC in their pockets. Since Google and Microsoft began adding NFC to their phones around 2011, there was a ton of pressure on Apple to follow suit. When Apple applied for a patent for using a fingerprint scanner with NFC in 2013, we Android developers gained a lot of hope.

    For years, Apple fanboys insisted that NFC was dead and that Apple would use Bluetooth LE or their own proprietary technology instead. I was told that NFC was too short range to be useful and that the unpowered NFC tags cannot store much data. This shows a profound ignorance about the value of NFC. The point of NFC is that it is a tapping interaction designed to be more secure and targeted than Bluetooth. It is tap to pay, tap to pair, and tap to interact. If it worked at longer range, it wouldn’t offer as much value.

    People are dumbfounded when I tell them I can simply tap my phone on a sticker on my washer to set a remote wash alarm. We haven’t even scratched the surface of useful applications made possible by tapping our devices. NFC will pair nicely with the Internet of Things.