As Agosto cozies with Google, Irfan Khan named new CEO


Minneapolis Google enterprise products and services firm Agosto has named its co founder and CTO Irfan Khan as CEO, replacing Aric Bandy.

“We’re having a great run with Google and it just made sense for us from a transformation perspective,” says the new “product focused CEO.”

The outgoing Bandy forecasted big changes last fall and again this summer with the launch of their initial product Skykit CSG,.  Moving forward, he will be acting as President, focused on Agosto’s existing service business from end-to-end.

Filling Khan’s shoes as CTO will be Paul Lundberg, who will be responsible for the product development roadmap, which may have 2-3 more in the near pipeline.  Khan was hesitant to talk specifics about what’s next, other than to say they are working with Google in a number of ways — one of which involves M2M sensor data.


The company appears to be operating from very unique vantage point, given the ability to both work with Google explicitly as a platform partner and implicitly via distribution.  According to this years Inc. 500/5000 ranking, Agosto did $7.7m top line revenue last year, a figure Khan wants to raise to $25m under his leadership.