Minnesota Doc goes entrepreneur with QwikLife for healthcare on demand


QwikLifeAaron Babb spent his entire adult life focused on fulfilling the childhood dream of one day being a doctor. 

Once he got there, everything changed.

After obtaining an undergraduate degree at St. John’s University, the South Dakota native completed medical school at Georgetown and entered into a residency program at the Mayo Clinic.  His path was picture perfect, that is, until he was exposed to the intersection of healthcare and technology in a way that would change his course.

“I felt like I had my life on a silver platter,” he says in reflection. “I was finally practicing medicine, right, but then I felt this gravitational pull to be a bigger part of the healthcare solution.”

While in San Francisco a while back, Babb took an Uber for the first time that’s when it hit him:  What if patients could request doctors like me to them right from where they are?

As an extension of that idea, Babb also realized that doctors are more data analysts than actual care givers.

“Nurses are the ones who interface mostly with the patient and a better healthcare delivery model is to first have the nurses meet the patients before virtually connecting with the doctor,” he suggests.

With his epiphany came QwikLife, a platform for doctor-directed, in person care, anywhere:


Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.45.21 PM

Babb says the v1 mobile app has been developed and is piloting right now for low acuity situations such as flu shots.  “We’ve made use of a number of services that are already doing a great job providing HIPAA compliant video, EHR, and other tools we’re combining into the app.”

Babb’s vision is big and bold — leveraging the on demand economy to reshape everything we’ve come to know about how healthcare service is provided.   With urgent care as the entry point, he sees the opportunity to cultivate an entirely new marketplace for any and all healthcare services, a future that’s fast and competitive.

QwikLife has commenced fundraising with $400k committed of a $1.5m seed round thus far.


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