NE Minneapolis enterprise venture IVDesk picks up cash

Northeast Minneapolis firm IV Desk has raised $935k + $1m in what appear to be separate private placements, according to a string of SEC Disclosures. [1][2]  The math indicates that $900k is still open of a larger, $2m round.

IV Desk offers private managed cloud SaaS for SMB’s:

“By partnering with your local IT services provider, IVDesk eliminates the need for custom onsite systems – including the operational unpredictability and financial volatility they often present. Trading back room systems for your own private cloud converts IT from an annual capital expense into a monthly operating expense. One that’s both comprehensive and completely controllable.”

The firm previously expressed an interest in Direct Public Offering and local investors listed include Alan Bignal (former ReconRobotics CEO) & Marc Usem. IV Desk’s leadership team is stacked — according to the team page, there are multiple prior exits.