Maple Grove’s Applied Logic Powers the Internet of Rugged Things


AppliedLogicWith three decades of engineering experience behind him, Kelly Nehowig believes the next one will his best one.

Nehowig has transitioned from consulting, contracts, and corporate over his career — now he’s planted a flag, bringing Applied Logic Engineering to the forefront of the IoT movement.

As connected devices descend upon mainstream America with its wearable technology, smart cars and home automation — the surface of commercial markets are only being scratched.

“The IoT is finally growing up,” he says. “Honeywell and Johnson Controls are the known quantities, but in the small systems, there’s nothing but open opportunity.”

Applied Logic’s camera control products have already been on the market in marine and aerospace industries for some time, remotely controlling cameras for researchers.   Now, with the commercial release of NavDive, rescue divers and marine archeologists can better conduct underwater investigations via GPS technology.

AL2“Underwater GPS is intriguing to me,” he says, “And I was really just going to build one for myself, but realized there was broader potential.”   NavDive has the GPS receiver on the diver’s flag float and transmits down the wired teather into a hand held console so that divers know where they are and where they are going.

Nehowig says they have placed units with Hennepin and Anoka County Sherriff’s dive teams as well as commercial dive charters who want to improve their experiences with deeper sea navigation.

Following NavDive comes Applied Logic’s most ambitious release, Zeus, a self-contained IoT monitor and control system currently in alpha testing. Zeus contains sensors for detecting real world conditions, such as temperature, moisture levels, gas detection, motion, etc., sending this data to the cloud for reporting, data analytics, and/or alarm messaging. It is fully self-contained with WiFi built in (and a cellular modem option), battery and solar recharge, making it ideal for outdoor and remote environments such as agriculture. By extension, Nehowig sees the drone industry as another market wide open for such IoT applications.

“With our ruggedized approach to IoT, we want to be on the farm and in the field, in industrial plants and on the rigs, in the air and under the water.”

Together with two partners, Nehowig is on the cusp of securing Applied Logic’s first established office space in 2015 and further growing the team.


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