Minneapolis social commerce startup BoomBoom Prints banks $400k

Minneapolis social commerce startup BoomBoom Prints has raised a $400k+ convertible debt funding round, according to CEO Brett Brohl.

BoomBoomPrints is a marketplace that connects consumers with artists, enabling them to establish their own storefronts to  distribute various creations which appeal to the mom demographic.

So far they’ve been focused on augmenting the artists’ side of the equation, but with the fresh funding Brohl says the intent is to bring the broader brand out and start making matches.   Prior to leading BoomBoom Prints, Brohl was the founder and CEO of Scrubadoo, an e-commerce company he started in 2010 and sold in 2014.

Brohl says BoomBoom’s capital comes from Colorado and Minnesota with participation from FG Angels (angel syndicate of Colorado-based Foundry Group), as well as locally known Confluence Capital Partners.   The company has three full and three part time employees currently, now adding a Developer + Designer.


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