Former ReconRobotics CEO Alan Bignall tapped by IVDesk


Alan Bignall has joined up-and-coming Northeast Minneapolis tech firm IVDesk as the CEO, replacing Bill Sorenson, now CTO.

Bignall was previously CEO at ReconRobotics, followed-by a role in startup At-Scene.

Alan-Bignall“I’m fundamentally a growth-oriented entrepreneur,” Bignall says, reflecting on his experience over the years — from foundings through executive roles and investor hats.  “I’ve always loved technologies that change the game and IVDesk is one of those.”

IVDesk provides a holistic private cloud SaaS for SMB’s that want to centralize and secure business applications on a predictable pricing basis.

The venture has a unique history as it was spun-out of another company nearly a decade ago, only to be resurrected and recapitalized starting in 2012.

With 23 employees and hundreds of customers, IVDesk is planning a Direct Public Offering (DPO) to accommodate investors with a structured vehicle to drive it to the next stage, whatever direction that may be.

“The right people are critically important to success,” says IV Desk board chair Larry Ingwersen “Alan brings that essential CEO level leadership.”


  • Brenda

    Allen congratulations on your new venture