H2O Pro is Minnesota’s latest IoT startup


H2O-Pro-Logo-SmallWhen real estate investor Colin Hirdman wanted to understand his tenant’s water consumption habits to the penny, he naturally defaulted to entrepreneurial tendencies.

Together with lifelong business partner Josh Becerra, they’ve created H2O Pro — a Minneapolis startup introducing two new IoT water metering products.

The first is a hardware device that externally clamps around a main plumbing pipe and pings the cloud every few seconds, transmitting flow rate and such data to an internal dashboard.   It helps property managers and building owners to understand water usage patterns and identify leaks as they happen, saving time and money.

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“For smaller scale property owners with multiple units like myself, there’s just a lack of affordable and easy solutions to this basic dilemma…so I thought ‘let’s just build one’!”

Hirdman says that they are already piloted in multiple environments large and small.

Their second invention, aptly dubbed ‘toilet monitoring device’, has more niche application for specifically monitoring toilets.  The self-powered device sits in between the water supply line and the tank where it detects flow rate to that specific unit.


The commercial applications for H2o Pro’s water management solutions is vast.

“Our research suggests that 90% of water leaks can be sourced to toilets which can run as much as $300/month per.  For those who manage hundreds of units, whereas 10% of their toilets are likely running at any point in time, that’s a significant loss we can mitigate,” Becerra says. “Well into the tens of thousands monthly.”

Between the two, Becerra sees business opportunities unfolding quicker with the latter.  “There’s more of an immediate need and desire,” he says.  “We’re really surprised how fast things are moving.”

As Hirdman now moves beyond solving his for own needs, the duo preps for a go-to-market plan complete with strategic partners and investment capital.


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