Mankato Startup 75F grabs $100k from Revolution partner Steve Case

During a Minneapolis pit-stop part of a Rise of the Rest Road Trip, VC Steve Case saw pitches from 10 Minnesota tech startups and backed 75 Fahrenheit (75F) on the spot with $100k equity funding.

75F is an M2M venture with a commercial climate control system that’s predictive in nature.  It was only a month ago that 75 Fahrenheit also won the Minnesota Cup grand prize.

“The level of support we continue to receive from the tech community is incredible,” said 75F founder & CEO Deepinder Singh.

Case is a partner with Revolution, a $450m DC-based venture capital fund with four sub entities that invest nationwide in a diversity of tech startups large and small; earlier this year,  he put $100k each in two other Minnesota startups — Kidizen and Docalytics.

Rise of the Rest Road Trip is a promotional tour across five upper-midwest cities, including Madison, Des Moines, Kansas City, and St. Louis. Case & co. are championing these markets as underserved and vital to America’s prosperity, highlighting opportunities between the coasts.

“Fifty years ago those who wanted to change the world got into the government sector…then they transitioned into the nonprofits…nowadays, change agents are emerging from the spectrum of entrepreneurship and business.”

Spot on, Steve.