Microsoft layoffs hit St. Paul, dozens of developers displaced

MicrosoftCorporate directives from Microsoft’s Redmond, WA headquarters announced in July have come full circle in Minnesota this fall.

Between 30-40 technical positions from within a Microsoft product development office in St. Paul have been eliminated over the past few weeks, according to Doug Olson, Partner Director of Development (AZURE).

Olson opened the remote office in the Wells Fargo building downtown St. Paul  six years ago and lead a developer division focused on mobile, products like Visual Studio and Internet Explorer.

“As the person who founded and built the office, I was very surprised to see this happen.  It was a corporate decision with respect to many remote offices around the country,” Olson explains, having retained one of the two positions spared.

In a “Farewell Microsoft” adieu, programmar [sic] Justin Chase says he was offered a relocation package in Redmond, but declined. Olson couldn’t say how many others had received or accepted such offers.

Conversely, things seem to be intact at Microsoft’s business office across town in Edina.


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    There is no press release yet, but Symantec is laying off about 40 software engineers in Roseville as well as part of their breakup plans.