This Minnesota made app takes the angst from meeting new people

by Guest


Mingle@By Michael Kassner

Tech entrepreneurs Sam McCaa and Steven Anderson have devised an easy way for like-minded people to meet using their smartphone.

Mingle@ connects you to interesting people nearby, giving you the power and the freedom to meet who you want, when you want, how you want” McCaa says of their approach.

The mobile app is the first of release from parent startup company Here@ Networks.

Mingle@ is easy to use: install the free app, setup a profile, and browse the pictures and locations of people with matching profiles. “Mingle@ offers the ability to cast a wide net, or zero in on people with specific attributes,” he explains, “Mingle@ is about social substance…this isn’t Tinder,” adding in all seriousness.

iPhone Screenshot 1 It is up to the individual member as to how wide a net is possible, McCaa explains the free version of Mingle@ is localized with an approximate range of 25 miles. The premium/upgraded version will cover a larger area and include more venues. Currently, there are over 11,000 members in the Mingle@ network since they introduced it one year ago.

McCaa and Anderson consider member privacy ultra-important, and are making every effort to ensure Mingle@ is safe. For example, Mingle@ includes “Private Browsing.” This feature allows members to use the app without sharing their location, picture or other personal info.

With Mingle@ released, McCaa and Anderson have plans for additional apps. Student@ and JobSeeker@ are next on the release schedule. Both apps are similar to Mingle@, but focus on different market segments — students and job seekers. McCaa is proud of Student@. “I’m a father of two young daughters and I like the idea of them having their own network, and not being on the same network adults are.”

McCaa and Anderson want mingling to be fun: “It shouldn’t be hard to meet new people, which is why Mingle@ let’s you discover people who are out, having fun, in your neighborhood, and connects you with the touch of a button.”

Mingle@ is available as an iPhone app and the Android version of Mingle@ will follow shortly.