Minneapolis wearable tech startup Myo-systems is heady

myo-systemsMinnesota tech entrepreneurs Jon Schoen and Thompson Maesaka consider themselves to be lifelong students of the human condition.

Their Minneapolis startup Myo Systems is developing a wearable device for people who want to optimize their cognitive abilities by combing 175+ year old Brainwave Entertainment (BWE) concepts with modern technology advancements.

Myo’s ‘Attention Directing Headphone Device (ADHD)’, branded as Pure Phones, is designed to intentionally calibrate your brainwaves to a situation:

“Pure Phones works by using sound to “trick” the brain into hearing something thats not actually there. This “phantom noise” causes the brain to elevate it’s operating speed to maintain homeostasis. When you send 2 sound waves of different frequency into each ear, the brain initiates something called the “frequency following response”. This states that the brain will operate at the difference between the 2 frequencies presented. So if the frequencies presented are 300 & 310, the brain will begin to operate at 10 Hz, which falls right in the middle of the Alpha wave range (relaxation and creativity).”

Maesaka says that this manipulation of the mind eliminates ‘surface level skimming’ and allows the prefrontal cortex to form more wholistic and concrete ideas.  He also says the science is in and their desired effect is empirically proven to be effective, validated through clinical studies as well as firsthand applications.

“We’re in an era of rapid technology advancement, a time when social media apps are literally changing the brain.  Focus is lacking and that can have profound personal and societal effects.   We aspire to provide a means for humans to counteract the negative effects of technology, going back to the basics of thinking like humans, not robots.”

Myo is not-FDA regulated and their prototypes are in a testing phase right now, deployed in a school environment and a hospital and elder care facility for persons suffering from physical and mental pain.

CEO Schoen has been traveling across the country throughout the past year, splitting time on the coasts in pursuit of their first major round of funding, building a broad board or advisors, earning a celebrity endorsement and identifying big potential customers for launch.


“We absolutely use them ourselves,” Schoen affirms.  “It’s about increasing focus and energy, something we all fundamentally need more of.”