Drivetrain sold to Toronto shopping tech company Slyce



By Katharine Grayson, Minneapolis-St. paul Business Journal

Slyce, a Canadian tech firm that lets consumers shop by snapping photos of a product, has agreed to buy Minneapolis app developer Drivetrain Agency in a deal worth up to $3.5 million.

Drivetrain founder and CEO Dan Grigsby will take over as Toronto-based Slyce’s chief technology officer after the deal closes. The agency’s four employees will remain in Minneapolis and Grigsby said he expects Slyce to have a “growing presence” in the Twin Cities.”

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  • Red

    “a deal worth up to $3.5m”
    and what’s the floor?

    a deal worth up to $3.5 million.

    • Casey Allen

      2.5m was the floor. $1.5m cash + $1m stock guaranteed.

      An extra $1m earn out over 2 years.

      625k per engineer is amazing in an acquisition for talent outside of SF.