MNVest open sources crowdfunding proposal, plans ‘Forkathon’


MNVestMNVest’s campaign to loosen securities regulations around Minnesota intrastate crowdfunding has taken an interesting turn this week.

After posting the v1 bill to a GitHub repository — opening up the draft for inspection, editing and revision — the related meetup group has announced a hackathon of sorts, but instead of code, it’s all about the legalese.

The MNVest ‘Forkathon’ gathering on November 11 at Day Block Brewery is for inclusivity and collaboration during the formative stages of the bill proposal made to legislators later this year.

“MNVest and the resulting bill we’re seeking to pass this year is for the entrepreneurs and business owners,”says Winthrop & Weinstine Attorney Zach Robins, the driving force behind MNVest. “Therefore, it only makes sense to include them in the conversation, and beyond that, an opportunity to create their fork in the future of doing business in Minnesota.”


MNVest wants to bring equity crowdfunding to Minnesota startups