setting up shop in Minneapolis — a brand name, premium domain, and healthcare marketplace for consumers — is establishing office in Minneapolis this fall.

Cofounder and CEO Jeff Smedsrud says the company has three executive employees in state operating remotely, is adding more and settling down in the near term.’s technology platform provides consumers educational resources and direct shopping paths to health care products in the US.  Imaginably, there are a large number of ways to monetize such concerns in today’s world.

Organized in Delaware, parent company HealthCare, Inc. also has offices in Miami, New York and Guatemala City with around 30 US employees in total.   Seeded by a $2m founders round that closed in April, he says that “The revenue is popping.”


Smedsrud is a Minnesota native who partnered with two others and became active CEO earlier this year.   “I’m not going anywhere,” he chuckles, describing his history here and business background within the industry.

“Minnesota is such a great place for healthcare, it’s great to be here.”


  • Kim Garretson

    Great team, incredible experience, a real winner for our state in both the startup ecosystem and the reinvention of healthcare.