Prescribe Nutrition crowdfunds $40K for healthy recipe site

pn-circle_FULLname_resizedThe most fundamental aspect of a healthy lifestyle is a balanced and nutritious diet. When it comes to recipes and meal planning, the Web offers endless possibilities but a daunting lack of organization and clarity.

As the company Prescribe Nutrition puts it on their Indiegogo fundraising page, “the Internet is an infinite cookbook with the world’s worst editor.”

That crowdfunding drive came to an end in September when the startup met and surpassed its goal of $40,000 to launch a new recipe aggregation site that will make it easier for healthy eaters — particularly those with specific food allergies and sensitivities — to find meal ideas that fit their lifestyles.

Founded two years ago by Katie Jasper and Megan Morris, Prescribe Nutrition ran their first online program in January of 2013. With the support of their chief visionary & project manager Anna Decker, PN has since run 27 successful programs with participants from over 14 countries.

“What we’ve observed from working with people is the biggest thing they want more of are recipes,” says Jasper. “Recipe aggregation sites exist but none of them do it with a nutrition focus.”


This inspired the idea for a recipe platform that would allow people to tag recipes for dietary preferences, allergies and health conditions. With their backgrounds as nutritionists, Jasper and Morris feel well equipped to engineer such a system conceptually. They also want to add social elements for the site, like trending recipes and sharing capabilities, because Jasper notes that when it comes to dieting and general wellness initiatives, “the community aspect is vital.”

She says the $40,000 crowdfunded from nearly 300 supporters provides the seed capital and market validation going into a larger angel round of funding. The funds collected — and even more so, the support demonstrated — through the Indiegogo campaign reinforces the the opportunity.

From a business standpoint, revenue will be gained through premium subscriptions and Jasper also envisions this recipe site serving as a marketing tool that will drive people to the company’s nutrition programs. Up to this point, Prescribe Nutrition has succeeded without much in the way of strategic PR backing.

Ultimately, the big-picture goal is to work with larger groups and organizations in the industry and turn the site into an overarching wellness hub with wide-ranging applications.

“We want to transform the way nutrition information is stored and delivered,” Jasper says. “Right now it’s complicated…confusing and frustrating. We’re here to make the nutrition piece of health and wellness a lot more user-friendly.”