Mindset launches its first product to marry SAP with Google


CloudShuttleMinneapolis SAP specialist Mindset Consulting has launched their first official product to ‘manage data on any device, anywhere, anytime.’

Released during the TechEd && d-code conference in Las Vegas last week, CloudShuttle is targeted towards companies seeking to use SAP with Google for Enterprise simultaneously.

“Our business is about constantly making SAP more user-friendly and accessible,” says Mindset founder Gavin Quinn describing the background behind CloudShuttle.

“Through our experience in doing so, we sought a way to build a scalable product that leverages Google for Enterprise and reaches more than one client at a time.”

The niche tool helps companies managing large datasets seamlessly integrate back-end SAP data with Google Sheets in real time to upload and manipulate their information.  As more companies consider migrating from Microsoft to Google’s cloud to manage their enterprise apps, Quinn believes CloudShuttle is well timed and one of a kind.

CloudShuttle’s add-on is now out of beta testing and sold on an annual license agreement with primary distribution through channel partners.  Quinn notes that the 25 person company will be looking to expand their product suite in the enterprise mobile + cloud + analytics realm moving forward.


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