JAMF Software is launching a second product called Bushel


Based in downtown Minneapolis, the crew at JAMF Software refers to themselves as the ‘Apple Management Experts.’

They back that reputation with their signature product Casper Suite, a powerful piece of cloud-based endpoint management software that allows big companies to centrally administer a large of number of Apple devices.

Casper has been well received for over a decade now, but JAMF recognized its shortcomings as an ideal solution for smaller businesses, so they’ve created a new product line designed for faster deployment in a more nimble environment.

The product, which similarly enables comprehensive management of numerous Apple devices, is cleverly named Bushel.

“We saw the challenges with getting such a heavy and robust product into a smaller organization,” says product manager Charles Edge, who joined JAMF specifically for Bushel. “A small company can benefit from Casper, but there’s no way they’d be able to afford it.”

Edge defines a “small company” as one with 100 or fewer employees. The affordability factor stems from Casper Suite being an expansive and complex product requiring professional service to run. Conversely, Bushel is built as a grab-and-go SaaS offering.

As Edge puts it, “If people need professional services, we’re not doing our job.”

Although it is scaled down in some respects, Bushel contains many of the same useful features as Casper Suite, including the ability to track storage space, share contacts, configure and manage email, and distribute apps for many mobile devices. The idea is that getting new employees set up, or making company-wide tech changes, can be done in minutes rather than hours with Bushel — a relief for startups and other small teams.

Perhaps the most compelling functionality within Bushel is its hardware and data protection element. You can use it to manage permissions, implement added levels of encryption, and remotely lock or wipe data from a device. For any company dealing with sensitive information, it’s easy to see the appeal of such capabilities.

The pricing model for Bushel creates a low entry point. You can link up three devices for free, and each device added thereafter carries a monthly fee of $2.  Edge says that the product is being engineered to include API integration, and is already paired with SMB accounting app Xero.

Presently the new software is in invitation-only mode and with around 200 companies currently on board, Edge expects that number to ramp up quickly once they enter general release.