Mattermark says LeadPages is Minnesota’s fastest growing startup


Mattermark, a San Francisco research firm focused on tracking private companies like never before, has released its inaugural Startup Traction Report.

This “data driven exploration of the US startup ecosystem” attempts to uncover the fastest growing startups nationwide by “MM Growth Score,” including factors such as: monthly unique visitors, mobile downloads, social media metrics, hiring, and equity financing — from October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014.

Based on MM research and analysis, Twin Cities B2B saas marketing startup LeadPages is the local leader; a second big Minnesota takeaway concludes “healthcare” is the dominate startup industry.  Between what is publicly known and anecdotally observed, it’s highly probable that LeadPages is in fact Minnesota’s fastest growing startup.

However, like many of these types of reports and rankings, there’s inherent subjectivity and often incomplete data at play.  For example, “growth” can be considered a number of ways (revenue?), as can “healthcare” as an industry.  The 100+ page product ($99) is an ambitious effort, unique in nature, and surely just the beginning of a more measured market future.



  • Clay Collins

    This is encouraging. Thanks to everyone at LeadPages who made this happen.

  • Jay Kariesch

    Very cool!

  • Casey Allen

    Also very noteworthy:

    See those blue dots in ND and AZ too? They have something in common with the blue dot in MN.

    All were backed by the VC firm Arthur Ventures.

    No other VC firm is represented three times, although, going off memory, Jeff Bezos might be on there with three dots as well.

    For a small firm like AV it is proof that they are either ridiculously lucky or that they know what they are doing. You can decide for yourself. =)

    • Jeff Pesek

      good observation.

    • Chad Halvorson

      I was thinking the same thing myself when I saw the map.

  • Jeff Pesek

    It’s not clear to me if revenue was factored or how?

    • Casey Allen

      Revenue will be completely unknown for these companies, so headcount growth must be the dominant or only metric. A decent indicator, albeit one that slightly favors B2B companies which need larger sales and support teams.

  • Jeremy Hall

    Mattermark compiles their data and performs their analysis from multiple sources. And it’s incorrect that revenue will be “completely” unknown from these companies.

    • Jeff Pesek

      i agree, getting rev benchmarks on prominent startups isn’t out of the picture.

      • Casey Allen

        In general, Mattermark goes off of information publicly reported on multiple platforms by the companies or third parties that measure these company’s performance. There is no way for them to get revenue numbers without directly asking which they do not do.

    • Casey Allen

      I don’t know a single startup CEO that will give out their rev numbers on a monthly or yearly basis to someone that is not an investor.