Plymouth IoT venture Seeonic partners with Interstate Batteries


SeeonicPlymouth IoT venture Seeonic has partnered with Dallas-based Interstate Batteries on a massive RFID network spanning 2,200 dealers and five distributors from coast-to-coast.

“We believe this is the largest autonomous commercial RFID network ever built in the U.S.,” says Harley Feldman, who cofounded the company and now leads up marketing.

Interstate Batteries is the largest supplier of replacement automobile batteries in North America, selling over 17 million batteries per year with annual revenue of $1.5B. The patent-pending RFID label technology and smart rack combo has been co-developed since the start with a goal of determining how such connected systems can provide measurable ROI and potentially scale to 300 distributors and 200,000 dealers across the country. Seeonic began this development with its patented RFID device, antenna and network technologies.

“Until now, there was no granular visibility into Interstate’s battery demand,” Feldman explains. “We are providing non-disruptive field inventory visibility and data acquisition 99.95% reliably.” By determining inventory SKU by dealer, Feldman says that Interstate has already reduced fuel consumption by a wide margin, with further savings and sales lift possible through predictive analytics.

Seeonic has been in existence since mid 2000’s, having raised $4m to date with 6 employees; new CEO Kevin Gorman joined in the spring “to take the company to the next level.”