Minnesota startup TriggerBox boosts customer feedback

TriggerboxAt a glance, TriggerBox might look like another standard email remarketing tool.

But this one carries a very specific slant — one that cofounder Ryan Lloyd says is “like having a salesperson sitting at the top of the search results page.”

“The Google Review is an underutilized marketing tool,” he explains. “It affects SEO, but more importantly it affects conversion rate.”

This was a lesson that he learned, interestingly enough, while running a Pedal Pub operation in Milwaukee. If you’ve spent any time in Downtown Minneapolis during the summer, you’ve seen these parties-on-wheels scooting about, full of leg-churning drinkers.

Lloyd noticed that positive online reviews were a significant boon for his business, so he teamed up with cofounder Dan Lynch to develop TriggerBox, which went live last month.

The basic functionality of this software offers the capability to send strategically timed follow-up messages to customers whose emails were captured during the purchase process. Taking that one step further, it’s all about encouraging the recipient to submit an online review.

A company can shoot out a link to any reviewing platform — TripAdvisor, Yelp, Android — but Lloyd heavily advocates sending customers to Google Reviews, pointing out that these results will often show up on the top of a Google search because the engine prioritizes local listings.

Lloyd says that the number of reviews his Pedal Pub business received increased exponentially after he implemented his system, which inspired him to start TriggerBox and take it to market.

In three weeks since launching, the self-funded B2B startup has acquired a “handful” of paying customers, earning revenue through a recurring SaaS model as well as through a partnership with the payment processing provider PaySimple, which delivers a share of credit card transaction fees.

For now, Lloyd’s marketing approach has mostly involved cold calls and emails. He’s focused on acquiring one or two customers in various business verticals so that he can build a collection of case studies and success stories before hitting the market on a larger scale.

In other words, he’s just waiting for the reviews to roll in.


  • http://petekane.ee/ Pete Kane

    Congratulations on early customer traction! Excited to see this grow.