Microsoft partners with CoCo to support startups



Via News Release

“Introducing the BizSpark Fellowship Beginning this month, Microsoft is launching a BizSpark Fellowship, hosted at CoCo. The BizSpark Fellowship includes a sponsored medium campsite space at CoCo Uptown, a grant of $60,000 of Azure hosting credits, two Surface Pro 3 PCs to use during the fellowship and access to Microsoft Ventures coaching and pitch events around the region. Each fellowship lasts for 3 months.”

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  • Jeff Pesek

    Per MSFT tech evangelist David Washington:

    “For the BizSpark Fellowship, we’re interested in technology startups who show growth potential, and the cloud is a core part of their business. We selected CameraSlice for our pilot since we had a relationship with them as a local, high potential, BizSpark startup…”

    + each fellowship term lasts three months

  • Al Baker

    As a Microsoft Ventures Alumni, it’s great to see some of these powerful resources coming back to Minneapolis. A good move on Microsoft’s part as they continue to push their Azure platform. Now is a great time to get on it.