FanMaker and the Minnesota Wild are putting iBeacons into Xcel Energy Center

Minneapolis sports loyalty software firm FanMaker is rolling out a new feature to their enterprise SaaS suite called ‘Fanmaker beacons’ to provide customers with a plethora of new marketing advantages.

Using Apple’s iBeacon technology — a small piece of geofencing hardware capable of pairing with the iPhone device — the Minnesota Wild want to make deeper connections with their favorite fans.

“Working with the Wild, we’re using Apple iBeacons to provide season ticket holders with premium levels of service based on who they are and where they are around the Xcel Energy Center.”


Co founder and CPO Jonathan Dusing says the installation will ultimately span the perimeter of the facility, and in a simple sense should help immediately with managing traffic flow for entry, a known problem plauguing the popular 7th street gate 2.

After the Wild, FanMaker is moving onto University of Alabama and Dusing anticipates as many as 30 more installs nationwide by the end of 2015.

Founded in 2007 as Row27, renamed Fanmaker in 2014, the company currently has 18 employees in the North Loop serving nearly 100 different sports teams.


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