Q&A With HelpSystems new CEO Chris Heim



Veteran tech entrepreneur, executive, and rollup master Chris Heim was named the CEO of Eden Prairie-based HelpSystems last month.

He replaces Janet Dryer, a #3 employee who navigated growth as CEO for 15 years, grew revenue from $20M to over $110M with 13 acquisitions and tripled employees to over 285.  We reached out to learn what’s next for the enterprise software giant under Heim’s watch:

How did you and HelpSystems come together?

After Dan & I sold our previous business in June, we took some time off. I had been on the board here for 2 years, really learning to appreciate what a great businesss HelpSystems is. My availability coupled with Janet’s desire to depart was really fortuitous. After talking with Summit Partners and my peer board members really made it a great deal for company and myself.


What did you learn about the company after joining the board?

People stick around here….The more I sat on the board, the more I realized how much they were doing right.

What is HelpSystems doing right?

Culturally speaking, it’s unbelievable. A lot of different events and engagements, giving back to the community. From a business perspective, very inquisitive, which has led to a lot of acquisitions and market expansion. We’re got profitabability right.

What’s yourt first order of business?

Not to screw it up! Measure twice cut once.

What’s the company size in terms of headcount?

285 employees and more through our coming acquisitions…15 offices.

The previous CEO signaled a target of $150m top line revenue by 2016, is that a goal you’re inheriting?

That’s a big number and it’s going to take a lot heavy lifting on my part (laughing). I think that’s a great target, it’s within reach and one we can hit.

You have been in the tech business for a long time, both personally as well as indirectly on boards, advisory, etc. Is this the largest company you’ve led before?


This company has a complex chain of ownership…do you plan to continue growing for the sake of growth or do you see the potential for another liquidity event?

First, if you make a great company, everything will take care of itself. I can’t speak for Summit’s plan with us, but I see this as my home for the next 5-10 years.

Anything else that you’d like to add?

This transition is a combination of bringing in new leadserhsip such as Dan Mayleben and myself while also repositioning others. Mark Ties, former CFO, was promoted to COO and Jim Cassens, President of Cross-Platform Solutions, will be more active in the expansion of this high-growth segment.


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