A new cooperative coworking space for techies opens in Minneapolis

MakeCoopA new spot for entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital creatives seeking haven has opened in Minneapolis at 2524 Nicollet Ave, aka ‘Eat Street’.

Touted as Minneapolis’ first cooperatively owned coworking, Make Cooperative was founded by Minnesota transplant Andrew Murray of OpenSnow, Mike Linton from tech startup SpiderSuite and Irina Vishnevskaya.

“There was no buy-in to be found eslewhere,” Murray says. “There are other coworking spaces in the cities, but we never felt any of them truly focused on community and openness in a way that shared ownership does.”

For $300/month, members are given to 24/7 access to their own desk, high-speed internet, unlimited use of meeting spaces, a mailing address, and of course — ping pong.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.25.13 PM

So far the Cooperative has six member owners and Murray says they will cap that at somewhere between 15-20 based on size restrictions.  Once the limit is reached, Make will democratically vote on whether or not to upgrade to additional room after the one year lease is up.


  • http://www.robertspeer.com/ Robert Speer

    wait wat? A coworking space that charges less than a mortgage payment and provides 24/7 access? But without noisy distractions, restrictive rules, overbooked meeting rooms, constant requests to donate your time, & “events” how will anything get done? At least there’s not parking, that would ruin it. ;)

    Actually is there free or cheap parking close by?

    • lumpy

      It is on eat street. parking is a headache.

      $300/m doesn’t seem like a very good deal for that space. However, co-working in general makes little financial sense.

      • http://www.robertspeer.com/ Robert Speer

        $300/m is actually a decent deal relative to the other options.

        I really like ArtsHub out of Intermedia Arts, http://intermediaarts.org/arts-hub-membership

        $400 – $700 for a shared office type space in a dedicated spot, $200 for a desk with the most ridiculously charming & brilliant staff as well as free off street parking that you may be able to get away with using for non work trips to lynn & lake.

        It’s cheap, cheerful, and more focused on creatives than tech but it’s the best value in town, and the rough edges keep the hand waivers and jaw waggers out.

        • lumpy

          it’s true, $300 is not bad compared to the other places in town.
          However, I just think co-working is over priced in general. Especially here in the Twin Cities. The costs are as high as Chicago and are approaching Manhattan, and there is a lot more going in Chicago and Manhattan.

          Also, just look at that space. It’s just a room over a thai restaurant with some cheapo IKEA desks. It looks pretty depressing. What is up with that goodwill recliner? Although CoCo is quite expensive, at least the spaces are unique.

          You can rent a full private office over by Lake Calhoun on Lake Street for $325. I wonder what the full cost of the space in this article is. I would guess it is $1000/m for a 4 year lease.