Former Apple Engineers Launch Astropad For Digital Creatives


AstropadMatt Ronge and Giovanni Donelli met years ago at Apple and have been collaborating together ever since.

Now, the duo has decided to take consulting business Astro HQ to the next level with their inagural product release of Astropad — turning the iPad into a full fledged graphics tablet.

“We designed Astropad for the professional artist, designer, and photographer. We’ve always connected with this community and we’re excited to create a product to help others hone their craft on the Mac platform,” Ronge explains.


What differentiates Astropad from anything else currently on the market, starts with LIQUID, the underlying technology engine powering Astropad.

“We’ve personally tried and used all the other apps available,” Ronge says. “LIQUID has unparalled speed, felxibility, mobility, quality, and functionality when connecting the iPad as an input device and the Mac as a workstation.”

Between the strength of value proposition and connections within the art and design community, these entrepreneurs are confident their first product foray will be a hit, spreading organically on its own accord once artists and designers experience it.

Astropad is available starting today for $49.99 ($19.99 student) on iPad iOS 8 & Mac 10.9 or later; Detailed specs & free 7 day trial are available at