Meet A Minnesota CTO: Eric Scheel



Eric ScheelThank you to Andcor Companies for underwriting the Meet a Minnesota CTO series.

Eric Scheel is the CTO of Minneapolis-based Magnet 360

How long have you been working in technology for and what is your technical background?

I have been working with technology for over 20 years. I have degrees in both Management Information Systems and Marketing. I consider myself a Marketing Technologist.

What are you focused on right now?

My focus for the past 10 years has been the Salesforce platform. Salesforce started out as a Salesforce Automation Tool but has expanded into a full enterprise software platform.

What are the some of the technologies within your company and IT environment?

Salesforce sits at the core of Magnet 360’s technology implementations. Salesforce has specific products around Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud. There is also an ecosystem of business applications available via the AppExchange marketplace.

How do you ensure that IT plans, projects and objectives are aligned with business outcomes?

Over the years Magnet 360 has adapted an iterative delivery methodology specifically to the Salesforce platform. All of our projects are delivered via agile sprints and release. This proven process allows Magnet 360 to quickly drive value for our customers.

What is the size of your department (headcount) and how is it organized/managed?

We are headquartered in Minneapolis with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. There are over 160 people across our four locations and globally with over 150 certifications on the Salesforce platform.

How does your company approach recruiting and retention for technical positions in an increasingly competitive market?

It is a very competitive marketplace for Salesforce consultants. Our core values and culture are big factors in recruiting and retention. Magnet 360 is a fun place to work and is constantly evolving, growing and challenging our employees.. One of our core values is Rockin, which is the harmony and energy we bring to our client engagements.

How do you personally keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape?

Salesforce requires recertification 3 times a year, so that process keeps me current on the Salesforce platform. Aside from that, Magnet 360 supports a lot of innovative technical proof of concept projects that allow me to explore emerging technology.

What excites you about where technology is heading?

Today, I am most excited about the personalization and connectivity that current technology offers via social and mobile applications. Technology allows people to live better-connected lives. Also, I believe we are at the beginnings of financial revolution that will be driven by Bitcoin and related crypto-blockchain technology.

What concerns you about where technology is heading?

My biggest disappointments in technology are around security and privacy. We have seen the largest corporate hacks in history and consumers are completely powerless to protect themselves. The encryption technology exists to address many of these concerns but large players in the industry, like credit card companies, have not always had a vested interest in innovating and empowering consumers.

What are you into outside of technology?

I have a sailboat on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. It is great for a quick sail after work.

What is your opinion of Minnesota’s tech industry?

The Minnesota tech industry may not have the cachet of Silicon Valley but I see lot of innovation in the market place.


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