U of M Spinout Flipgrid Raises $17m Series A For Vidku


Edit 2/25 @11:00am: Flipgrid remains the name of the product, Vidku is the new parent company. Also, Brightstone Venture Capital came out as another investor.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 6.35.18 PMFlipgrid, a social video service designed for the education field, just announced at Mobilize MN the completion of a $17m series A funding round and new parent company Vidku  (video + haiku).

Flipgrid started inside the University of Minnesota’s Learning Technologies Media Lab (LTML), moved into the Institute for Design and Innovation, and now lives as an indepedent venture.  Design Professor and Co founder Charles Miller says that the product has facilitated some 2 million+ video shares since inception and will broaden its scope as short form video collaboration platform moving forward:

“Your time is valuable. Your communication is important. Your control is critical. This is the heart of Vidku. Short, organized videos for everyone. We are schools, events, organizations, teams, friends, and families. We are Vidku.”

Midwest Capital Call 2015

Former Compellent CEO Phil Soran is a primary investor in Vidku and now acting Executive Chairman.  He says “numerous other investors” are involved, including Arthur Ventures.   Jim Leslie, founder of data center IT services firm Midwave (sold to Datalink in 2011), is at the helm as Vidku CEO.  The company already has around 20 employees, a number Miller says could easily triple by the end of this year.

“This is a true made in Minnesota story,” Soran added. Here’s a video of Miller and crew showing the product at MinneDemo 18 last September: