• Joe Serrano

    I applaud those who created the MN Angel Tax Credit. No easy feat. I am also glad Twin Cities Angels is falling on the sword to try to help our poor underserved Minnesota angel investors turn their “savings” into even more cash. Noble.

    It’s pretty eye opening, however, that the leaders of our Angel Investor communities are not familiar with AngelList…

    • Casey Allen

      Which is likely one of many signs that they are not really the leaders.

      • Malik Rumi

        Well, if THAT’S true (and I don’t know, I’m just asking) why were they on the panel? Were the ‘real leaders’ unavailable/unwilling to participate? That’s the problem, way too many questions and not enough answers…

        • Casey Allen

          Leaders =! active investors and vice versa.

          This panel wasn’t about getting leaders to talk, it was about getting investors to talk.

          I was simply making a pun based on @@disqus_6OjPs1wsJz:disqus’s verbiage.