Under The Hood With Minnestar



In October, we introduced Under the Hood to better understand how technology oriented nonprofits in Minnesota function.

This recurring series is made possible by research partner Altrulytics and underwriter Atomic Data.  Over the coming weeks we will publish individual responses, and in the end, compile an aggregated assessment of the landscape with further analysis.

Organization name: Minne*

Executive Director: Jamie Thinglestad (President)

When was it formed and for what purpose?

Since 2006, minne✱ has been acting as a catalyst for the Minnesota tech startup ecosystem. It started with Minnesota’s first Barcamp and continued with the creation of quarterly demo events where geeks could show off what they were working on. While we are continuing to collectively come together at these events each year, there is even more on the horizon.


Who or what do you serve?

Tech community, designers, developers, UX professionals, marketers, and companies

How many do you serve?

2,500 – 3,000 throuout 4 events

What are the main programs/resources that you offer?

High tech events such as Minnedemo, Minnebar, and Minnehour

Do you have earned income and if so, how?


What key metrics do you use and how do you measure the impact of your org?

Measure attendance, cost per attendee, % of funding from individuals as success measurements

How do you source funding and can you provide us with three years most recent tax returns?

No grants, only sponsorships & individual donations (tech companies — both startups and large orgs) 990s: 2011 | 2012 | 2013

Do donors fund the organization as a whole, specific programs and/or something else?

Donors fund the organization directly to the webpage and receive priority event tickets (not program specific)

Given the options of nonprofits to support in the technology industry, what makes yours unique?

The focus on the tech community in a grassroots fashion, events, and Minnebar. Growth from 130 to 900 people, specifically Minnedemo which has grown from 100 to 500 people and sells out in 20 minutes.

Who is on the executive board of your organization?

Jamie Thinglestad
Kevin Spreng
Jim Bernard
Sona Mehring
Ben Edwards
Luke Francl
Alex Ryan
Adrienne Peirce
Justin Porter
Casey Helbling

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Coming up on 10 years and have great community support.