Zivix Is Rocking On Kickstarter with Jamstik+

ZivixMinneapolis music tech startup Zivix, creators of the MIDI guitar and associated iOS apps known as Jamstik+, is rocking on Kickstarter

The venture launched a $50k crowdfunding campaign just two days ago and blew through that goal in 4 hours, currently sitting at $168k pledged from some 687 backers, with 40 days still to go.


“While we did a lot of preparation for the campaign, we weren’t prepared for this,” says Campaign Manager Matt Cannon.  “We’re extremely happy with the response so far and we have our community to thank for being amazing ambassadors who’ve helped us spread the message. The number we’re most excited about is the over 500 new supporters who will have a jamstik+ in their hands early this summer.”


  • red

    love Zivix thanks for covering! haven’t heard a peep from any other media!?