Thank You Sponsor: Coherent Solutions


coherent-logo-300_2014It is important to recognize those who financially sponsor TECHdotMN because their contribution helps to advance Minnesota’s technology industry.

Thank You Coherent Solutions!

What does Coherent Solutions do?

Coherent Solutions is a software consulting company that provides custom software development, mobile development, quality assurance, and business intelligence services. Our goal is to help our customers create business opportunities and solve business problems through technology. They bring their business innovations and ideas to the table and we help realize them with commercial grade software.

Coherent Solutions has an development center located in Eastern Europe in Minsk, Belarus where we do the majority of our development and testing work. Service delivery management and solution architecture are done in the U.S. from our offices in Minneapolis, New York, and Boston.

When did it start and how?

The company was started in 1995 (we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary this year) by Igor Epshteyn. It operated as a strictly Minneapolis consulting company for the first eight years. Igor is a native of Belarus and he saw an opportunity to leverage the high quality technical talent there. When global development teams started become more common in the early 2000s, he established the Development Center in Belarus in 2003. Our New York and Boston offices were opened in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

What is something unique about Coherent?

While Coherent does a lot of work from our Eastern Europe Development Center, our approach to distributed development is very different from a lot of other “offshore” development companies. We are big believers in openness and teamwork between our teams and our customers. Our customers are able and encouraged to communicate directly with all of their team members. This improves velocity, quality, innovation, and accountability between all parties and is key to yielding the superior results our customers enjoy.

We use a team of locally based Service Delivery Managers to enable this high level of connectedness. They are experienced consultants, not sales people and they are free. They own and are accountable for the customer experience and focus on the only thing that matters — the customer’s success. We hear repeatedly from our customers that this team is really strong and is unique in the marketplace.

Why do you sponsor TECHdotMN?

Generally speaking, as a member of the Minnesota technology community, Coherent Solutions is interested in supporting resources such as TECHdotMN that help strengthen and promote the great work being done in our space. Somewhat more selfishly, many of Coherent’s customers are technology start-ups so we have a vested interest in the health of the space and in making those companies more aware of Coherent.

How could Minnesota’s tech industry improve from your perspective?

There is a lack of funding available for tech start-ups and early stage companies. There is a lot of technical talent and great ideas in Minnesota, but the investor community and infrastructure in the state lacks maturity acting as a drag on the possibilities the sector could achieve in terms of job creation and economic impact in the state.


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